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AVG Anti-Virus


Dudes and dudess's, my boss highly recommends AVG anti virus and anti spyware protection and most of you have it installed. It is an excellent program. Contrary to many of its competitors, it takes less of your RAM, random access memory resources, is less intrusive and the newer version scans your computer much faster. If they haven't already, AVG will notify you to download the new version. The free version is more than adequate however; they will of course try to upgrade you to a trial version that will ask you to pay for a full version with more bells and whistles. To avoid confusion install the new version by clicking on the icon below. It will bring you to the download site. Save the download to your desktop. Do not click on any other link on the page. When the download is complete, double click on the AVG icon and follow the instructions. If the download doesn't start look for the following link on the download page and click on it. Your download will begin in a moment. If it doesn't, click here to try again. Caution: do not download any product advertised in banner on the download page! If you have any questions or problems contact my boss and he will help.

Download Now (59.82MB)

Note: More news coming about the virus threat you may have seen Sunday March 29, on 60 minutes. Don't panic!

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